Multidisciplinary creative studio by a behavioral psychologist. A decade of growing clients from local to North American wide distribution and recognition.
Art and creative direction by @dima.yagnyuk.
Providing the following details will help make our initial consultation immediately productive, allow studio to provide relevant feedback, and expedite Proposal process.

Submit RFP.
1. Studio Services
you are looking for.
Project Consultation.
2. Briefly describe
project details.
This is open ended. For example.
I am looking for [Studio Services] to apply to my [#/type/etc] Products, each in [#/volume/etc.] Sizes.
I am launching/developing/building a [Type of Product] and need to get noticed.
My product will be available at [online/in-store/etc] Distribution Channel.
3. Objective
What long or short term Results will products of Studio Services help you Accomplish?
4. Drop Dead
What is the absolute latest [Drop Dead Deadline] you need the project delivered by?
Ex. contractually obligated delivery date to a distribution channel is a drop dead deadline.
5. Production Budget
Unless your project is a purely digital artwork commission it will have associated Production Costs.
Production budget affects which directions studio will suggest.
For ex. <$5K / between $5-$15K / > $15K

Please provide any additional context for the project in the form of social media, website, images, links to competitors, relevant work, etc.