Multidisciplinary creative studio by a behavioral psychologist. A decade of growing clients from local to North American wide distribution and recognition.
Art and creative direction by @dima.yagnyuk.

Psychologist-led design practice producing Branding, Packaging, Communication, Interface and Environmental design.


Dima Yagnyuk has designed professionally since completing behavioral research on anxiety and communication disorders at the University of British Columbia.

Starting out as an art director at McLaren McCann Dima has spent the past decade running an independent studio, growing Canadian and US based businesses from local to national levels. Helping them develop significant results in consumer goods, software development, retail, real estate, start-up scaling, and advertising fields.

Currently studio helps clients develop Creative Strategy and Brand Identity through comprehensive consultation and produces Full-Service Design work in areas of Branding, Packaging, Environmental, Communication and Interface.

Studio develops effective ideas by applying design with psychology through a consultation-focused process using industry, audience, and market research.

I handle all aspects of each project, using cost-effective specialists for production of web development, packaging, printing, illustration, photography, interior, and physical installation.

Dima Yagnyuk

Art Director
Developing advertising approach and packaging photography with DJ Kearney, New District‘s Director of Wine. 
2017. Vancouver, BC.  Bureau of Light photography studio.
Studio schedules calls Mon to Fri between 9-11am PST for project assessment.
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