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If you submit information outlined on the Request for Proposal studio will be able to provide better feedback immediately and substantially expedite the process.


After initial conversation and review a succinct Proposal will be delivered within a week.
Large, complex projects are going to have several rounds of discussions and Proposal refinements to ensure successful outcomes.

Process takes 2-3 weeks and you can also license the design without implementation.

Project Proposal
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After our discussion you will receive a Project Proposal where you you can expect to see the following structure.
This is built on a decade of studio experience and industry best practices, and is expected to be adjusted to match your project needs.

1. Overview
Industry and situation overview.
2. Brief
Project Purpose, Scope of Work, details and Requirements.
3. Objective
Desired project Outcomes and Results.
4. Process
Work Stages and Format, Review and Adjustments, Milestones, Timelines, Deliverables, Client Responsibilities, Itemized Fees and Potential Expenses.
5. Timeframe
& Billing
Project schedule and billing plan.
IP Rights and Terms
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Following Terms are included with every Proposal and Project Agreement.
At the conclusion of each project appropriate IP terms are transferred to Client. IP Rights are customizable to project.

6. Intellectual Property Rights License
By law, unless explicitly transferred to Client, Design Studios retain all Intellectual Property Rights.
This section will clearly outline all Usage Rights Transfer and Intellectual Property Ownership based on the needs of your project. This can be tailored as necessary and ensures you legally own what you need.
7. Studio Terms and Conditions
AIGA based, industry-standard Terms and Conditions.
Studio schedules calls Mon to Fri between 9-11am PST for project assessment.
to book a time.
Submitting information from Request for Proposal page is optional but will improve studio feedback and expedite overall process.