Kombucha + Ferments Packaging

Biota Fermentation packaging stands out on store shelves with vibrant, botanical illustrations and tantalizing product writing. It is fully compliant with Canadian Food and Nutrition Labelling guidelines, has reduced production costs leading to improved margins, and easily adjusts across product sizes and variations.
Chef Brad Hendrickson‘s Biota Fermentation produces all-natural fermentation products. Brad personally develops all flavours, runs production, and is involved in all aspects of his business. Design systems were created for Biota's signature product line and seasonal flavours. Resulting in turnkey branding and packaging systems allowing Brad to focus on his work. New packaging stands out vibrantly on store shelves leading to increased sales and has lower production costs resulting in improved product margins.
Identity was extended into branding system and cascaded across Brad's business creating turnkey solutions for delivery and wholesale packaging, signature and seasonal product lines, gift packaging and an e-commerce website.