Multidisciplinary creative studio by a behavioral psychologist. A decade of growing clients from local to North American wide distribution and recognition.
Art and creative direction by @dima.yagnyuk.
Project Estimates
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What do you need to budget for Branding?
Each project is assessed based on a detailed brief and project requirements. This results in a clear Proposal with Complete Process, Stages, and all Fees outlined. You will be able to review and adjust any details as necessary.
General you can expect the following ranges in the current market. Subject to change with scope and project scale.
Structural, Informational, and Visual design.
Materials and Adhesives. Nutrition
labelling. Production.
Studio schedules calls Mon to Fri between 9-11am PST for project assessment.
to book a time.
Submitting information from Request for Proposal page is optional but will improve studio feedback and expedite overall process.