Project budget sets fees.

By defining budget range along with scope we can access suitable approaches in that range that will be reasonable to implement.


If you need help pricing a project (design or production) we can start by discussing a range of approaches and associated costs to help pinpoint an appropriate direction.

Numbers below reflect average budgets for small business to medium-sized projects that clients have achieved good results with recently.

Reasonable Budgets
Design Area

Reduced projects rates are available for non-profit projects, artists (music, fine art, etc.), and suitable projects looking for creative solutions in studio style. Get in touch with a few details for a consultation.

Hourly Rates
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Hourly rates are applied to ongoing clients. They depend on the scope of services and time requested, and are fixed for the duration of the project.

Hourly Rates
Hourly Rates
Any of studio services. Ongoing design support and consultation. Projects spanning multiple areas, requiring creative direction, product design, leading a team, etc.