Process starts with a complimentary consultation to discuss effective approaches based on an outline of your project and outcomes you are looking for.

1. Consultation
I will follow-up to discuss what you need, possible approaches, their associated costs, production methods, and answer any questions. If the project will be better suited for a focused specialist or a studio, I will put you in touch with them directly.
2. Project Proposal
Once we outline a suitable approach I will create a proposal defining all requirements, deliverables, schedules, etc. This typically takes a few weeks to finalize into an agreement for larger projects. Alternatively it is applied as industry standard part of the quote/invoice for simple jobs.

Design follows a “Research-Discussion” pattern tailored to each individual project. Once direction is established, a system is developed to satisfy all deliverables.

2. Research
These details are used to research relevant projects, fields, competitors, and test implementations. Iteratively establishing a unique and effective Design Direction tailored to project specifications.
3. Design
Finally a Design System is created using the established direction to cover all planned deliverables. This can span naming, tone of voice and copywriting, typography, product design, art and photography direction, user interface, and customer experience.
1. Discussion
Project details and requirements such as audience, goals, required applications are determined and explored in depth.

On average design process takes between two weeks for small projects, to a few months for larger ones.

Larger projects (ex. financial services, software, consumer goods) needing consulting, creative direction, and product design often occur as connected series of projects or ongoing support over a longer period of time. Producing planned outcomes and  progressive reduction in spending as design systems are established.

Large, multidisciplinary projects (ex. financial services, software, consumer goods) requiring ongoing consulting, creative direction, and product design can result in over several years of collaboration producing significant results.

Budgets for these vary from large to cashflow-based, but consistently experience progressive reduction in spending as design systems are established and the need for studio involvement decreases.

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When design system is ready, it is creatively applied to deliverables while sourcing cost-effective production methods tailored to save client’s budget.

1. Design Applications
Design system is applied to all required deliverables. Cost effective production methods are sourced to optimize client's budget use. Specialists are engaged for web development, packaging production, or environmental installations.
2. Ongoing Support
New projects are quickly and cost-efficiently developed using the established design system. The system is updated and expanded as necessary with new applications.


Take a look at the significant results this process has produced for financial service, real estate, wine retail, ice cream, fermentation, and cheese brands.